Please see the following below for Examples from Several Shows of Paperwork:


The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical:
Montgomery Theater (PSM)

TGATP Contact Sheet 10-21-15 Blackout

TGATPC Musical Daily Call 11-1-15

TGATPCM Weekly Call 12-16 to 12-20

TGATP Christmas Calendar 10-22-15

TGATPC Musical Rehearsal Report 11-3-15

TGATPC Musical Performance Report 11-21-15

TGATPC Musical Beat Breakdown 10-27-15

TGATP Christmas Props List 11-8-15

TGATP Christmas Sound Cue 10-28-15

TGATPC Shift Sheet 11-17-15

Memphis & Million Dollar Quartet:
Prather Touring (Head of Props)

Memphis.Master Deck Sheet.1-30-15

MDQ Props List 1-10-16

MDQ Shift Sheet 1-10-16

MDQ Carp and Prop Truck Pack

MDQ LX and Audio Truck Pack

Legally Blonde:
Summer Theater of New Canaan (ASM)

Legally Blonde Elle Quick Change Sheet

Legally Blonde Ensemble & NonElleQuick Change Sheet Blackout

Legally Blonde Master Deck Sheet

Legally Blonde Props 6-21-15